Permanent mold casting GM Print

Permanent mold casting GM



Permanent mould casting is a casting-type industrial production process.
The permanent build is called mould and it’s made of cast iron or particular chromium-tungsten or chromium-manganese steel which increases casting temperature. This mould is more expensive than the throwaway mould and its cost has to be amortized by producing a large number of pieces; though in this case the result pieces are well refined.



Permanent mold casting GM


 Build project includes a casting canal and some small air valve canals. Gas produced during high temperature casting leaks out of those canals avoiding the main cause of porosity. A special insulating paint is used to prevent piece from sticking to the build. After fusing the liquid material (metal) through gravitational force or under pressure (die casting) the piece is let cooling and solidifying.
The result obtained is a semi-finished product which is intended for further industrial production processes such as forging, rolling or other machining activities based on shaving removal.


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